Company Support

We are here to make your Chinese dream come true!
i2 Education is looking forward to having you join our team and become our English teacher!
To check if you are qualified to obtain a working visa with i2 Education you should meet the following requirements:

- you’re a passport holder from one the English native speaking counties (the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa)
- you have a Bachelor degree (any major, preferably related to teaching or early education)        
- you have a TEFL certificate or two years of teaching experience.
Note that i2 Education provides an opportunity to obtain a TEFL certificate in case you do not have it.    


Upon your arrival in China, i2 Education members will meet you at the airport and provide you with a transfer to the hotel with a reserved room for you in advance. You can stay at a hotel for at least 7 days so that you had enough time to search for accommodation in your new city. i2 Education team will assist you with the apartment search, and other necessary onboarding procedures. 

i2 Education will arrange a one-week induction training for you to let you know better the structure of i2 Education, our culture, our product, and our teaching methods. During the induction training, you will have an opportunity to not only boost your teaching skills and prepare for classroom teaching but also meet new friends from different countries. Knowing that the first few weeks in China might be busy and overwhelming for our new teachers, our recruiters, your city coworkers, and line managers will be supporting and helping you, so you should not worry about getting settled in China.

Even though your first month in China might be busy and stressful, we believe, it won't be difficult to adjust to your new life in China. We have a community of over 5000+ foreign teachers in China to help and support each other.  We have our own social network for teachers to ask questions and look for assistance. Along with that, we organize social and cultural events for our teachers to help them meet other teachers and to understand Chinese culture.
Teachers' testimonials 
Hello, I am Tarryn. I finished the study of personal security and fire protection in 2013 and baby and child care in 2015. I like music, reading, camping, hiking and surfing. But my biggest dream was I wanted to travel. Now working as an English teacher in i2 I am able to travel around the world and meet lots of new people.


Hi! My name is Nicole. I teach English at i2 education. I have a degree in photography, and I am passionate about my work and family. Moving to China, and working for i2 has changed my life. It has broadened my views and gave me a lot of new opportunities to grow.


Hi everyone, my name is Grace. I have a degree in English literature from the University. I have worked for i2 for a year and had a brilliant time in China. In this company, everyone looks out for each other and treats everyone like family. I would not exchange this experience for anything.




Hi, I'm Megan. I started my i2 journey in Nanning, around 2 years ago. I graduated from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa with a degree and postgraduate diploma before completing my TEFL course and moving to China. My time with i2 really has been a journey, I started as a Foreign Teacher and working my way into my current Senior Teacher position. Having being given the opportunity to grow within my career has been a highlight for me.


Hello everyone, I’m Alex from the UK and I work for i2 in Xiamen. I have since earned my TEFL and CELTA certificates in the UK. I have taught in the UK and China and worked at i2 since 2015.
Working at i2 has been a good challenge for me and I have learned a lot since starting with the company. My colleagues in Xiamen have always been supportive, encouraging and fun to work with. We have a great team here and we know we can rely on each other to help each other out when needed.
My students have made me a better teacher by challenging me to be more inventive with my classes and I’m rewarded by seeing them progress and get better and better. This is what I enjoy the most about my job.



Hello, I’m Maria. I have worked as an English teacher in China for over 3 years and joined i2 in 2018. I'm an educated, dedicated and hard-working teacher with experience teaching kids and children up to 14 years old.  I like encouraging my students to work on projects helping them to develop critical thinking and cognitive skills. I decided to be an ESL teacher because I like working with young learners and I want them to have a better future where English is the language of the world. I have joined i2 because it’s child-oriented, small group classes, where children aren’t your students, they are like your family.